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Driving in Mauritius

The probably best way to discover Mauritius is by car.

Even though everything is easy, there are some traffic rules which should be observed : In towns you are only allowed to drive 40 km/h. The "Speed Zone – 40 km/h" signs show that speed limitation. On highways the speed limit is 80 km/h and on the motorway it is 110 km/h.

Petrol stations are usually easy to find. Nevertheless there are almost no 24/7 stations so you better refill the tank before going on a trip at night.

Interesting Places to visit in Mauritius
Car Rental in Mauritius


An important and very unique network of coral reefs protect this part of the island from the oceanic waves.

The Blue Bay marine park has been proclaimed in 1997 to slow down the constant degradation of the marine environment, a result of urbanisation and tourism development in the area.

Car Rental in Mauritius


The Casela Natural Park in Mauritius is close to Flic en Flac on the main road in the direction of Tamarin.

You can spend a whole day in the park and it will not be enough to enjoy it.

Car Rental in Mauritius

Chamarel, 7 Coloured earth

In this part of Mauritius Island, the nature has gone wild, creating an artist's palette from the soil and bringing the area its name of the Seven Coloured Earth.

Car Rental in Mauritius

Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur or blowhole. This fascinating natural activity caused by waves pressing water into narrow tubes which extend above sea level, was for a long time offering a fascinating show.

Car Rental in Mauritius


This magnificent botanical garden, located in the proximity of Port-Louis, has come to be known under various names, ranging from "Jardin de Mon Plaisir", to "Jardin des Plantes".

Rent A Car in Mauritius


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